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I’m Suzanna Adelizi, a licensed marriage and family therapist associate. Here at Cobblestone, our paths converge. I’m looking forward to learning about what has brought you to this point in your path. But you may be interested to know how I got here. How did I get here? Well, the road to becoming a counselor was a long one. Like some of you, I experienced some significant losses very early in life that took me a while to process and overcome. But the painful life experiences that have come my way have made me the person who I am today and have developed my resilience, compassion for others, and the certainty that our lives can change for the better.

Optimize your areas of your life that are already going well

Develop greater self-awareness and self-compassion

Decrease or manage unwanted thoughts or behaviors

Build more effective and healthy communication skills

Create and establish healthy boundaries in relationships

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy with me is a collaborative experience. It is something that we do together, not something that is done to you.

Couples Therapy

My collaborative and strength-based approach applies to couples therapy as well, but in couples therapy, the focus is usually more on achieving shared goals.

Family Therapy

I think we can all relate to situations in our own families where what was happening with one member of the family affected everyone in the family.

Recommended Resouces

I’m constantly inspired by discoveries of various authors, thought leaders, speakers, and influencers.
Each month, I will share a couple of my recommendations with you.


“Couples Question Challenge”
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“Why we should say no to positivity” 
By Daryl Chen + Julia Fawal

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